Friday, August 25, 2017

Week 1 Curriculum & Secondary Discipline Recap and Updates

Teachers and Staff, thank you for a great first week!

Here are a few reminders and updates. 

K-9 Updates: 
  • Curriculum Maps: Curriculum Maps should be uploaded into your Team Drives and/or shared with me so I can upload them. The deadline for this is September 8th. 
  • Pineapple Charts: Thanks to those of you who put options on our Pineapple Charts for this week. Please continue to "advertise" the great things going on in your classrooms. We will be drawing for some tech swag at the end of September. Every time you put an activity on the Pineapple Chart, you will earn one entry into the drawing. 
  • Book Study: CTT leads, please see my email about the Responsibility Centered Discipline book study and communicate with your team. 
  • First Friday: New teachers, next Friday is a First Friday. That means the kids leave at 12:45 and we have training from 1-4. Please plan to be here until then. This occurs on the First Friday of every month. 
7-9 Updates:
  • 7-9 Assembly. THANK YOU for reviewing the expectations with students. Student behavior during the assembly met our expectations. Also, thank you to the LIA, AVID, and Leadership students and teachers for working on the expectations and videos. Please enforce our 4 Foundations with kids and use our common language. 
  • Secondary Disclosures: Please share your disclosures with me so I can use them in Give 'Em 5 conversations with kids to support your classroom expectations. 
  • New Kids: I have been meeting with all the kids new to OPA at the 7-9 building. It's been great to get to know them and hear their highlights and concerns. A few are stressed about Cornell Notes. So, if you use Cornell Notes, please remember to review how to take them and/or assign new kids a Cornell Note mentor/buddy. If you have concerns about any student, particularly these new kids, please come talk to me. 
  • Announcements: Kasey typically completes the morning announcements from the Elementary Building. He does secondary first and then elementary. The intercom cannot be used at both buildings simultaneously. In addition, homeroom teachers have requested that we do not have several sets of announcements morning, but instead one set right at 8:10. So, if you want students to make announcements, please send them over to the elementary before 8:10 so they can assist with announcements and not interrupt Kasey's ability to do two sets of announcements back to back. As an alternative, email or Google hangout any announcements directly to Kasey and he will make them. I'll be explaining this to any kids who come to my office to make announcements. Email me with questions or concerns.