Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Curriculum Director's Meeting Updates

Below are some teacher-relevant updates and points of information from the September 27th Curriculum Director's Meeting. Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Open Education Resources is a resource that provides and reviews a variety of open education resources in all subject areas and grade levels. This is still in beta testing, but I took a look and it's worth checking out. Unlike a site like TeachersPayTeachers, everything on this site is 100% free. You can log-in with your Amazon account, or you can browse without logging in. 

STEM Center Classroom Grant

There is a grant available to teachers in all subject areas to implement STEM projects in their classrooms. There are two different application periods. One closes Friday, but another is open until December 22nd. The grant is for up to $1500 and it can be used for field trips if they are related to STEM. It can also be used for technology that students use and a wide variety of other things. Check it out! There is no limit to how many teachers per school can apply:

Teacher Salary Supplement Program

Utah has a lot of money designated to supplement teacher salaries. You are eligible if you are National Board Certified or if you teach specific areas within science, math, or computer science. Enrollment to receive cash from the state begins in October for teachers who qualify. This is different from student loan forgiveness; this is money that goes directly to teachers to supplement their salaries. Here is the website: The contact person for this program is Jane Conway (

Free Utah Science Resources (3-9)

Utah has created a variety of open resources for our science classrooms. Some of you know about these and use them in your classrooms. These resources are updated every year and have improved significantly over the past years. The middle school ones are aligned with the new standards. You can access them for free online:

In addition, the website is a great site that includes a variety of curricular resources aligned with the new science standards. 

Science Standards 6-8

The SAGE test for science will be based on the new standards. The state is working to develop those questions now. Because questions are just now being developed, there are no interim or benchmark tests that deal with these new standards. For middle school science, this year will be much like the first year of SAGE in that scores will not be immediate and scores will be revised after questions are norm referenced. 


Utah has new health standards in the process of being reviewed. Updates included nutrition standards (upgrading to the plate vs. the pyramid), inclusion of e-cigarettes in the substance abuse section, integration of information about social media and safety. The first review meeting is in October. 

PD Opportunities: 

Utah Council of Teachers of Mathmatics Leadership Conference: