Monday, October 17, 2016

WICOR Magnents

For those of you who were unable to attend the October 1st Friday PD, this post is a review of Essential Questions, WICOR, and how to use the Essential Question and WICOR magnets in 4th-9th grade classrooms.

Essential Questions and WICOR are key components of the AVID program. This year, our AVID site team wants to work on expanding AVID strategies school-wide. While we have always included these in the AVID elective and in some classrooms, our next step is to integrate AVID into all areas of our school (when age appropriate).

Essential Questions:
  • Essential Questions are objectives for the day that are in student-friendly language and written as questions. 
  • Kids should be able to answer the question when the lesson is done.
  • They can be easily transferred to Cornell Notes. 
  • They can replace “I can” statements or traditional objectives. 
Examples of Essential Questions:
  • What were at least three main factors that contributed to the Great Depression? 
  • What are the procedures for Read to Self during Daily 5?
  • What is the main conflict of the story Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle? 
  • What are the four states of matter, and what is an example of each? 
How some teachers are using EQs:
  • Kids write the EQ in their planners before beginning bell work. 
  • Kids write an answer to the EQ as an exit ticket.
  • The teacher references the EQ at the beginning and end of class. 

    Why use WICOR in your classroom? 
    • It increases rigor so kids are more prepared for high school and college. 
    • It promotes higher-level thinking. 
    • It increases student accountability and opportunities to respond.
    • WICOR strategies can be used in any subject area.  
    Why use the WICOR magnets to label your WICOR? 
    • It builds the AVID culture of our school
    • It builds a common language
    • It sends the message to kids that some skills transfer from class to class
    Examples of how teachers are using the WICOR magnets in their class: 



    Thank you to Mrs. Banta, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Means, and Mrs. Darby for the great examples.

    Get a downloadable copy of the handout presented Friday 10/7 with dozens of WICOR ideas here: WICOR Ideas Handout.

    Feel free to post and questions or comments below!

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